Specializing in Custom Metal Fabrications


Metal Roofing, Flashings, & ACM

We stock 28 different colors of 24ga Firestone UNA-CLAD flat sheets to custom fabricate your flashing and trim needs. We are a Citadel ACM fabricator. We are also a dealer of PAC-CLAD, MBCI, McElroy and Berridge to name a few. We can fabricate flashing and trim from stainless, galvanized, copper and aluminum.

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Stainless Steel

Counter tops, truck bodies and hand railing are just a few products we can help you with. We stock gauges ranging from 24ga to 3/16″ in both 2b and #3-4 finish.


Hand railing, tool boxes, truck body shelving, ramps, water tanks and battery trays are a few items we can customize for you out of aluminum. We stock thicknesses that range from .032 to 1/4″. We also carry .063 and .125 tread plate.

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Mild Steel & Galvanized

Flat sheets, plate, tubing, angle and pipe are a few of the stock items we carry. We can fabricate an assortment of products including, but not limited to, truck bodies, frames, tool boxes, hand rail, guard rail, stairs, landing’s and support brackets.


Possibly our most complimented products in our shop do to the craftsmanship and style of copper. Products include, but are not limited to, cupolas, finials, roof vents, gable vents, w-valley, drip edge, counter tops, range hoods, chimney caps, chimney pots, standing seam roofing and more.


Quality Products & Workmanship

Advanced Metal Fabricators, Inc. (AMFI) is dedicated to providing the best possible product for a competitive price. AMFI is known for its diversity in the sheet metal industry, serving both residential and commercial customers.

The quality of AMFI’s product and unmatched dedication to customer service is what sets us apart from other fabrication shops. This one-on-one, job-by-job attention to detail, with each and every customer, shows in our continued growth year after year. Our team of skilled craftsmen are dedicated to provide quality products and workmanship.

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